A Shift in My Art Style


I went to Croatia to visit my parents in March. Each time I'm there, the time flies by super fast.

Unlike my trip in December, I got out all my art supplies and spent time creating. I got more done than I thought I would. 

The primary purpose of my visits is to help my parents. I spend time cleaning/organizing, cooking meals, and running errands. I also go for daily walks with my mom. She loves to walk!

During those same walks back in May 2018, I discovered my painting style.

So it's not surprising that I'm now making a little shift in my artwork.

In March very few flowers are in bloom. Because of that, I was noticing more of the landscape. The stones, sticks, bare trees, and lichen. I love it all!

All I had been observing snuck into my paintings during that trip. Can you see the shift?

I'm excited about where I'm going with this style. I'm super happy to be back in my studio in California to try this style on a larger scale. Wish me luck!

In April, I'll be super focused on creating more art for my very first solo show. Wohoo! The show opens the first weekend in May. Lots to do to prepare!

Hope you're having a fun and creative day!


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