Made Remarkable Podcast Interview by Kellee Waynne

Before heading to Croatia in June 2023, I was excited to sit down and have a chat with Kellee Waynne for her Made Remarkable Podcast.

Here's a quick overview:

Betty shares her tips on growing an email list, but also how social media has been so influential in reaching a broader audience and growing her following. Betty explains her love for learning and that as she moved into the art business, there was a lot to learn, so now she makes sure that she can share with her YouTube following, but more than that, she strives to share with her audience HOW she creates and nurtures her artistic voice to shine through in all that she does.


                        Click the image above to listen now.


I had a wonderful chat with Kellee. I hope you'll get a chance to listen in!

Wishing you a wonderfully creative day!



PS: Click here to listen to my conversation with Kellee. 


                        Click the image above to listen now.


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