Creating Art from your Heart

I have learned a lot by spending time in my studio, experimenting, playing, and exploring. It was a lot of fun and, at times, frustrating.

In October 2014, I took my very first class. I quickly realized the giant steps forward I was making directly resulted from learning from someone else.

Over the years, I have continued to take classes by artists I admired.

I want this to be your year to take giant steps forward in your art.


I created an online course to take you step-by-step through the creative process. You'll learn how to prep your paper, create marks, dive into what speaks to your heart, and hear my thoughts behind my brush strokes.



This course is great for beginners because I break it down and work at a pace that'll allow you to paint with me.

If you've been creating for a while, I'll share what works and doesn't work for me, plus all the tools and techniques I use in my artwork. You'll pick up something new to add to your art practice.



In one of our lessons, you'll learn to mix colors like a pro. No more creating muddy paintings that lack excitement.



Click here to learn about the course and the two bonus videos included.

I hope you'll join me in kicking off a year of creativity and fun and making some big leaps forward in your art practice!


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